5 Tips for Goa on New Year’s Eve 2019


5 Tips for Goa on New Year’s Eve 2019

1. Go for a Taxi or scooter – not a rental car

The traffic is a mess on these small, winding roads. There are many places here where cars cannot pass in general, so you have to pull over and wait for a car to go. On New Year Eve or other days with traffic, people don’t always think to pull over and they are basically in a head-on stand-off, then more traffic comes and it’s literally a standstill over pure stupidity. Because of this, you either want to be in a scooter that you can squeeze through traffic or you want to be in a taxi that you can just hop out and walk the rest of the way. In Anjuna beach, people actually have abandoned their cars during traffic and then it’s just a disaster.

2. Pick one place and stay there

This is for two reasons: entrance prices and traffic.

Traffic is a mess so it’s best to go out a little bit early and stay out. Entrance prices are a lot higher on NYE as well, so you might want to pay only one cover. Most will be around 2,000 Rs per person in a couple or maybe even 3,000 Rs if you are a single person.

You will pay more if you are a single person going to a party, whereas couples pay a lower amount. This is so that the parties aren’t just a bunch of dudes!

3. Book accommodation ASAP

If you haven’t booked already, then get on it! The prices go up so much. You can check Renassa.com which is the best budget hotel in goa.

4. Find a good party
Hilltop is probably the most famous trance party on New Year’s Eve. You can even book Hilltop online ahead of time. Most parties here will be trance, but you’ll find house music at Chronicle and Waters.


Club Cubana, Sync, LPK, clubs on Tito’s Lane, Club Fresh, and other clubs like this will be packed and probably charge around 2,000 Rs. You can also check out beach shacks if you want to be near the sea, like Curlies or Shiva Valley.

Most parties will go well into the next day and around 10 AM a lot of people head over to Hilltop for an early morning party to finish off the night.

There are a lot of smaller cool parties but they don’t usually say where until closer to the date. I recommend looking at whatsupgoa.com to see NYE fliers and make a choice of where you’d like to party.

5. Don’t drink and drive

The roads here are full of curves, potholes, and speed bumps that you don’t notice until it’s too late. There will be drunk/high drivers which makes the roads more dangerous. Beyond that, there are checkpoints set up all over town and they will pull you over. Be Safe and plan your trip soon 🙂

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